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CBH – CBD Oil Anxiety 4% CBD Oil – 10ML


And, as there are no levels of THC, (the pyschoactive element found in cannabis related products known as Tetrahydrocannabinol), present in any CBD oils purchased with Cannabis Bakehouse, now you can enjoy all the holistic and wellness benefits with confidence thanks to this non-addictive, completely natural CBD oil. Moreover, their extraction process creates a full spectrum oil containing only the highest qualities of ingredients.


Rich in hemp derived cannabinoids and terpenes, these naturally occurring chemical compounds have been shown to have an ability to bind to our body’s endocannabinoid brain receptors, helping to promote feelings of relaxation and calm. Completely THC free, the CBD Oil Anxiety is completely safe to use and non addictive. Some of the ideal times for using the CBD Oil Anxiety include for those who are struggling with social anxiety, or for those who struggle with public speaking. The cannabinoids contained in the CBD Oil Anxiety can not only help to reduce levels of anxiety, but can also help to promote good sleep, which is key to maintaining a better overall sense of wellbeing and reducing levels of anxiety and stress. CBD oils have also been shown by studies to have a positive effect on those who suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and depression. Although not medically proven, it seems that CBD oils can help communicate with our brains via the hippocampus’s interaction with cannabinoids, which can prompt our brains into releasing the feel-good hormone serotonin, which can instantly have a positive effect on lifting our mood and promote an overall increased sense of wellbeing.


Easy to use and administer, the CBD Oil Anxiety comes in a convenient 10ml glass bottle, suitable for up to 200 doses. To administer, simply drop a couple of droplets under your tongue, wait for these to be absorbed for around 90 seconds and then swallow. As the CBD Oil Anxiety is immediately absorbed by the body, it is suitable to be taken directly before any high anxiety inducing situation for instant improvement and benefits. The CBD Oil Anxiety is a natural oil and therefore perishable, so all products come in a glass bottle. Small and discreet, you can keep the CBD Oil Anxiety in your bathroom cabinet at home or take it with you for when you need a top up on the move.