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Lollypop Pineapple

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The CBD lollypop design is a catch to cannabis lovers, making this CBD variant attractive to the eyes. The CBD lollypop is the most popular candy in our store in Amsterdam. Not only has it an amazing taste, but it has also medical benefits due to its added CBD. How cool is mixing a fun design to a medicinal Candy? It makes taking CBD more enjoyable; combining both fun and treatment, especially for sweet tooth individuals.

The CBD Lollypop does not have the THC component. THC is responsible for the “high” feeling associated with marijuana. CBD in itself does not have the euphoric tendencies associated with THC, making it healthy for use. During extraction, the CBD is perfectly distilled, giving a 100% CBD distillate with no chemical or biological residues. The process rids it from mind-rejuvenating tendencies.