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CBH – White Chocolate Cannabis Brownie

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These cannabis-flavored white chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks are a mouth-watering treat! These soft brownies are filled with pieces of white chocolate and have a hint of cannabis flavour, giving them a deliciously fragrant twist. Perfect to share with your friends or to spend a relaxing evening. These brownies are rich in flavor, soft on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside. Enjoy this delicious treat and let yourself be seduced by its flavours!


Because these do not contain CBD and THC, you get all the healing terpenes without feeling the psychoactive effect. This ensures that you can eat them at any time of the day and you don’t have to worry that the children will sneak a piece.


The ingredients used were carefully selected, weighed, weighed and found to be perfect. Our bakery therefore meets all the strict hygiene standards required by the food agency. This is our guarantee that we continue to monitor so that you are 100% sure that you are buying a good and solid product. You must have tasted them at least once, but we are convinced that it will not stop at one time. The full taste of white chocolate, processed in a soft cannabis brownie that you feel melting on your tongue, you really can’t stay away from that!