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CBD and SPORT – CBD Foot Cream

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Heal and protect your feet with CBD-infused foot cream


From running to walking, any type of physical activity can damage or injure your feet. Even standing for long hours can put a strain on your ankles and toes as well as the soles of your feet. Tired and active feet can suffer from blisters, dryness and other conditions. By harnessing the power of cannabidiol, our CBD Foot Cream soothes and protects your feet so you do not have to slow down.

Professionally formulated, our CBD-infused foot cream combines the benefits of cannabidiol and essential vitamins and minerals. This CBD & Sport product includes aloe vera that hydrates and cools the skin on your feet. Vitamin E delivers additional protection, while calendula treats muscles and damage to your feet like cracked heels. Farnesol attacks potentially harmful bacteria on your feet. At the same time, CBD helps with soreness and pain. It also reduces inflammation. Combined, these properties help you stay on track when working out or in between activities during your day.

Do not let sore and irritated feet stop you. Rejuvenate your skin and inflammation with our CBD Foot Cream!


Using our CBD Foot Cream


To use this cream, gently massage a small amount on your feet. Apply the cream between your toes as well as the sole and top of your feet. The cream can also be applied to your ankles and Achilles tendon. Before applying our CBD Foot Cream, ensure that your feet are dry. You should wash your feet before applying the produce.


More about our CBD Foot Cream


Since this product does not include THC, you can not get high when using our CBD Foot Cream. Once opened, the cream lasts up to 12 months. Since it can be damaged by direct sunlight and extreme heat, store the cream in a cool, dark and dry place.

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