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CBD and SPORT – CBD Lip Balm

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Protect your skin with the CBD Lip Balm


Dry, peeling, flaky and damaged lips are not a good look. CBD Lip Balm helps address these and other issues in no time, transforming your lips. Our effective and high-quality lip balm has been professionally formulated with ingredients that deliver protection for your lips, leaving you with softer and hydrated skin. Along with CBD, our lip balm is made with mango seed butter that helps keep your lips moisturized. This CBD & Sport product also enhances the flexibility of your lips, helping avoid cracks and other damage due to dry and tight skin. Other ingredients include capric acid, cera alba and caprylic acid that are full of antioxidants that improve the look and feel of your lips.


With a small and stylish container, you can take our CBD Lip Balm anywhere. From the gym to your office, you will have healthy and hydrated lips wherever you go. Look fabulous and feel confident with luscious and revitalized lips thanks to our CBD Lip Balm!


How to use our CBD Lip Balm


To use our CBD Lip Balm, simply apply it evenly on your lips. Make sure you wash your hands before use and only apply the product with clean fingertips.


More about our CBD Lip Balm


Since our CBD Lip Balm does not contain THC, you can not get high from using the product. Instead, CBD is extracted from hemp using a careful process that ensures a safe product for you to enjoy.

Professionally formulated to deliver the best possible results, CBD Lip Balm from CBD+SPORT is effective for up to 12 months after opening. Since it can be damaged by extreme heat and sunlight, store the product in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep your lip balm out of reach of children.

For more information, please check www.cbdandsport.com