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CBD and SPORT – CBD Oil 20%, 10 ml

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Get the most out of your CBD oil


On and off the field, CBD helps you recover and build muscle while working out. It also improves your mood while tackling everyday activities. This strong and effective CBD oil is perfect for anyone with experience using CBD or looking for fast results. Our 20% CBD oil also delivers quick relief so you recover faster and train harder.

From lowering blood pressure to improving blood circulation, CBD lets you perform better. Whether you are building muscle at the gym or a running enthusiast, you will love the benefits of our CBD oils. CBD enhances stamina and helps reduce inflammation, allowing you to train longer. It also lets you recover and focus by reducing stress and anxiety. From soothing pain to giving you a better night’s rest, our 20% CBD oil is great at improving your well-being and rejuvenate your body. CBD strengthens your body thanks to its role in promoting collagen production, which helps for firmer skin and muscles and stronger connective tissue and bones.


Achieve your fitness goals, perform better and feel great with CBD+SPORT’s quality CBD-infused oils!


Using our CBD Oil 20%


For the best results, put three to four drops under your tongue up to three times a day. You should avoid swallowing for at least 60 seconds or, if you can, up to 90 to allow time for maximum absorption. Once the bottle is open, keep it in a refrigerator to maintain freshness and effectiveness. You should also store the CBD oil bottle in a cool, dry and dark place.


More about our CBD Oil 20%


CBD & Sport’s all-natural CBD 20% oil is created using cannabinoids extracted from hemp. Each bottle of our 20% CBD oil contains 1840 mg of CBD. The higher dose allows your body to absorb the oil faster, delivering quicker benefits than a lower dose CBD oil. A convenient applicator lets you drop the oil in your mouth with ease.

Since CBD has no known side effects, CBD+SPORT’s 20% oil is safe for virtually everyone to enjoy. You should be over 18 when using CBD oil. Also, keep the bottle away from children. Since CBD oil does not contain THC, you will not get high when using this product.

For more information, please check www.cbdandsport.com