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CBD and SPORT – CBD Oil 5%, 10 ml

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Pure and natural CBD oil:


Although the low dose option, you still benefit from the effects of cannabinoids when using our effective 5% CBD oil. CBD is great for your immune system as well as for reducing stress and anxiety. It also has a range of benefits for anyone who is active or training, including increasing your ability to focus on your workout and sleep better. CBD also accelerates and improves recovery after your workout. It helps increase stamina and promote gains, particularly with muscle growth.

CBD plays an important role in preventing inflammation and soothing soreness or pain. It also promotes production of collagen within your body. This protein is key for firm skin and muscles as well as stronger bones and connective tissues. With regular intake of CBD oil, you are helping your body to feel stronger and give you everything you need to perform.

You can train harder and recover faster with this exceptional product. Recover faster and build muscle with our high-performing and all-natural 5% CBD oil!


Using our CBD Oil 5%:


Using CBD 5% oil is easy thanks to our convenient and simple bottle design. Just shake the bottle well and use the dropper to deliver a dose under your tongue. You should keep the oil in your mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing for the best possible results. You can take CBD oil any time since it does not make you high. For maximum benefits, simply apply three to four drops in your mouth up to three times a day.


More about our CBD Oil 5%:


CBD oil has no known side effects, making it safe to use for virtually everyone. There are no chemicals or additives in this 100% natural product. From seed to bottle, processes are in place to ensure quality extraction and production. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience when using our CBD oil. Unlike cannabis, CBD oil is not psychotropic and does not contain THC. You will not get high, instead the oil offers a calming effect and many other benefits.

Each bottle contains 460 mg of CBD. Our 5% CBD oil should only be used if you are over 18 years of age. You should store the bottle in a cool and dry place. Also, avoid contact with direct sunlight, and keep the bottle in a refrigerator after opening.

For more information, please check www.cbdandsport.com