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CBD + SPORT – CBD Whey Protein Strawberry, 500g

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Recover and repair with CBD Whey Protein:


Helping you recover and promoting muscle gain, CBD Whey Protein from CBD+SPORT delivers the ‘entourage effect’. This maximizes the therapeutic benefits of CBD when it interacts with your body. Whey protein works together with CBD to support recovery between workouts and activities. This helps you train harder thanks to increased stamina, giving you better results and achieving your fitness goals. CBD also helps prevent inflammation, helps you relax and soothes pain. On top of that, CBD promotes collagen production, a protein that’s essential for stronger muscles and connective tissues as well as firmer muscles and skin, the parts of your body that are key to successful performance at the gym, on the track or on the field.

At the same time, whey protein helps with your daily protein intake to give you the fuel you need to stay active and train harder. It contains essential amino acids that are absorbed rapidly by your body. Protein helps build and repair your body’s tissue. It also helps with enzyme and hormone production. Proteins are vital building blocks for blood, skin, muscles, bones and cartilage. Like CBD, it also plays a role in improving the immune system functions. Even when you are in between everyday activities like work or running errands, you get the boost you need to keep going.


Create a CBD-infused shake and get recovery support with CBD Whey Protein from CBD+SPORT!


Using our CBD Whey Protein:


Mix CBD Whey Protein from CBD+SPORT with water, milk or any other drink to create a delicious and protein-rich shake when you’re on the go or on a break. Used as a dietary protein, this product is most effective when taken after working out and between meals. Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD. You should not exceed the recommended dose since it will not improve results.


More about our CBD Whey Protein:


This product is not intended to be a food replacement and should not be used as one. It is also not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. Store CBD Whey Protein in a cool and dry place. The product should be kept out of reach of children. It is also not intended for use by anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Professionally formulated and tested, our CBD Whey Protein is produced using the highest standards to ensure quality and safety. CBD is also extracted from natural hemp, meaning there is no THC content. As a result, you will NOT get high from using our product.