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CIBDOL – CBD Softgel Capsules 40%

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Highly concentrated CBD capsules for maximum impact


Take your wellness journey to the next level with high-strength CBD Softgels 40% (4000mg). One of our most concentrated formulas, these capsules are perfect for users well-versed in the power of CBD. For a potent boost to well-being, choose safe, independently tested softgels from Cibdol.

Although each capsule contains top-quality CBD extract, you don’t need to worry about the presence of THC, GMOs, or harsh chemicals. Not only do we use the finest natural ingredients, but a third-party laboratory tests every capsule to verify what we say is true. With the results published directly to the Cibdol site, we prove our full-spectrum CBD formula is industry-leading and utterly devoid of psychotropic side effects.

Take the risk out of high-strength CBD with independently tested 40% (4000mg) softgels you can trust.