foodspores cordyceps mushroom tincture


The Cordyceps militaris mushroom is part of the furniture in Tibetan and Chinese medicine, which attribute numerous properties to the mushroom. The mushroom is widely used in elite sports for its purported effects. The enriched liquid extract of Foodspores is to activate natural energy in the body. It also contributes to more mental energy.
The Cordyceps militaris has been given the Dutch name of the caterpillar killer and that name should be taken literally! It parasitizes itself on the caterpillars of various butterflies that do not survive this burglary... We at Foodspores are crazy about nature, so also about butterflies! The Cordyceps militaris fruit bodies that we use in our liquid extract have therefore been specially grown on a well thought-out natural substrate that not only ensures a healthy harvest, but also a product with a much lower consistency of heavy metals than Cordyceps from the wild! Win win!