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There are two types of products, the one you glance at for a second, and the other that keeps you rooted at a spot; that's what the Best Buds AK 47 Rolling Tray will do to your customers. Have you ever wanted to roll your stuff with no restrictions? If that's you, then you are in the right place. Rolling with this product is the bomb for smoking enthusiasts. With our wholesale wPocket -Best Buds AK47 portable rolling tray your customers can roll to suit their needs, whether they like it thin or thick, long or short, depending on their preferences. Now it's easier to control the smoothness of the hit and be sure to reach cloud 9.


The Right Tools For The Right Mood


We all need the right tools to get our groove on. However, like many things in life, rolling a joint requires a unique set of materials and circumstances to align for your customers to get the best experience. This rolling tray is so portable they'll just want to carry it everywhere they go.