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Innocénte CBD patches are a great addition to our CBD range. We are quite proud of that. Our broad spectrum CBD patches work transdermally. That is, it brings the CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. Administering CBD in this way is the most effective way. The bioavailability is 6 – 10 times higher than with sublingual administration (drops under the tongue). Another special advantage of the CBD patch is that it has a slow release. This is also called time-released. The advantage of this is that CBD should not be taken multiple times in one day. Our high-quality CBD patches deliver the CBD spread over 24 hours. Finally, the patch can also be used under any circumstances such as showering, swimming or exercising. This makes our Innocénte CBD patches the most effective CBD product on the market. We expect the demand for CBD patches in 2021 will increase explosively. We sell the patches in a handy zipback with 30 patches, this is enough for a whole month. Each patch contains 15 mg broad spectrum CBD and a size of 80 mm x 60 mm. Due to its bioavailability, this equates to about 100 mg of CBD taken orally.


Characteristics of the Innocénte CBD patches:

  • The most effective way of administering CBD
  • Time-released release for a spread dose during 24 hours
  • Only replaced once every 24 hours
  • Very thin and elastic for optimum wearing comfort
  • The patches can be worn during exercise or showering
  • The patches can be cut in 2 halves as required
  • The bioavailability is 6 – 10 times higher than with sublingual administration.
  • Made of 15 mg broad spectrum CBD for the entourage effect
  • Free from THC
  • Patch size: 80 mm x 60 mm

This product does not contain THC. All products that do contain THC, are low-THC cannabis products with a percentage of less than 0.05%.