Maka – Kratom 30x 1g

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Mitragyna speciosa, or Kratom, is a tropical tree closely related to the coffee plant. This plant is most common in Southeast Asia and in Thailand and Malaysia. Kratom has been a part of natural medicine in these areas since the 19th century and probably even before. This plant is used to relieve pain and suppress fever and as a substitute for opium and to help with withdrawal symptoms.

The trees are cared for with great attention because the leaves only become effective from their tenth year. The trees support the natural ecosystem in the areas where they grow, in particular the roots support the riverbeds. The leaves of the Kratom are ground up and used in different ways. Traditionally, these leaves are chewed or used in tea. A paste can also be made from the powder of the leaves.

In a higher dose, Kratom is used as an anesthetic to relax the body and mind to forget emotional stress, pain and discomfort for a while. In a lower dose, Kratom has a stimulating effect. It makes users more active and creates the desire to get out, be more active and social. There are also the necessary anecdotes about Kratom as an aphrodisiac or aid for having sex.

Kratom causes a person to urinate more often or it causes a feeling of nausea. Some users experience a mild headache. There is also a risk of becoming dependent on Katom as a substitute for other opiates, so it is important to consult a doctor before using it. Do not use Kratom in combination with other drugs called MAOI or SSRI, which are usually antidepressants.