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Myceliumbox Golden Teacher – 2100cc (XL)

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Golden Teacher is one of the most well known and robust Psilocybe Cubensis strains in the world. It was supposedly first discovered in a pile of dung on a farm in the US state of Georgia. It has a very thick and caramel-coloured stalk. Golden Teacher’s fruits do not form as abundantly as some other strains, however, the size compensates in dried weight for the lack in numbers. The fruits are large and are considered to be very potent for a Psilocybe Cubensis.




– Cultivation Difficulty: Easy

– Substrate: Dung, Straw, Various grains

– Potency: Moderate to potent

– Colonization time: 12-14 days

– Colonization temperature: 28 – 30 ℃

– Fruiting temperature: 23 – 26 ℃




Visual:               ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎

Creativity:          ◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎

Philosophical:    ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎

Potency:            ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎

Total:                  ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎