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Organic Cannabis Dark Chocolate – 100G

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The CBD in Marijuana has to be perfectly extracted to prevent it from mixing with the THC. THC is the compound responsible for highness in marijuana. Chocolate, from the Theobroma cacao tree, is legal and a common ingredient to sugary products. It is shelled, ground and roasted to get the refined chocolate we eat today. It is then modified into a liquid or solid-state, or used as butter. Mixing them would make the chocolate laced CBD be appealing to more people who do not like the taste of CBD oil. Also, chocolate has its own importance to the human body.

At Cannabis Bake House, we produce 3 assorted types of cannabis chocolate. There is the milk cannabis chocolate which is light brown, the milk cannabis chocolate cream in colour and the dark cannabis chocolate – dark brown. They are prepared hygienically, packed and branded.

Cannabis Milk Chocolate
For the lovers of Milk Chocolate, we have created this delicious Cannabis-infused Milk Chocolate. This variant is by far the sweetest chocolate of the 3 available.

Cannabis White Chocolate
Our White Chocolate could also be called green chocolate, due to the cannabis mixed with white chocolate, the color of our white chocolate turns green. The lovers of White Chocolate will appreciate this amazing cannabis and white chocolate combination for sure.

Cannabis Dark Chocolate
For the true chocolate lover, there is only one kind of Chocolate: Dark chocolate. The purest Cacoa experience that’s available. The cacao taste mixed with the cannabis gives a unique flavor experience.