Original Blueberry Auto

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Thanks to the high quality Indica genetics, this variety grows quite bushy and compact, developing beautifully frosted buds with unique purple, black and blue hues under the right conditions, making it a must for all types of growers looking to grow classic varieties. without any extra effort. This variety performs in both size and yield, you can expect this variety to reach between 75 and 110 cm in height, developing buds from head to toe on all branches in just under 65 days from sowing, and up to 500gr / m2 yields buds bursting with a delicious terpene blend, making it a must for all lovers of potent Indica effects and deliciously fruity terpenes.

Description of the Flower bud


When harvested, the buds will be completely covered with a thick layer of resin and will eventually show many different colors; you can expect bright green buds with sometimes pinks, yellows, purples and reds scattered across the buds and foliage around them. This gives them that coveted tacky appearance. 

The calyxes become quite swollen, making the buds look thick and pointed, and as soon as you break open a seed, they fill the room with the scent of freshly picked sweet blueberries that make everyone’s mouth water.


Smoke report


This is a potent variety that, thanks to its 22% THC, hits as soon as you take the first puff; you will feel completely relaxed, as if you were in a spa, and the effects will leave you feeling uplifted and stimulating your conversations while remaining super chill and carefree.  

You won’t be left feeling glued to the couch, but the high is quite powerful. The relaxed, calm and concentrated effect feels like a Sativa-like high, but it will put you to sleep if that’s what you want, so moderation is important if you don’t want to smoke yourself to sleep.


Description of the Plant


This variety grows up to 110 cm and develops a typical Indica structure, but with slightly longer and longer stem members and a yield of 500gr / m2. As soon as your plant starts to grow, you will see the wide fan-shaped leaves emerge from the thick trunk and long side branches that slowly begin to fill with pointed and solid buds that are completely covered with a layer of resin and show different colors all over when harvest time arrives .

Growing tips


Our Blueberry Auto isn’t demanding, just make sure she gets enough light, nutrition and favorable conditions and you won’t have any problems. Because of the Indica genetics, it may be a good idea to defoliate slightly, this way you avoid underdeveloped buds in the lower flowering spots. It is recommended to flush during the last weeks of flowering to enhance the aroma and obtain the unique colors.




You experience an incredibly pleasant and sweet taste that covers your mouth with an extremely sweet wild blueberry flavor and slowly transitions into a muffin-like blueberry flavor when you exhale. A delicious blend of floral, earthy and fruity terpenes will dominate the entire room as soon as you light up a joint, and on the first puff you will know exactly why this strain has become so popular.