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Sterilised Substrate – 1200cc

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Sterilised substrate with a moisture content: 60-65%. A mixture of whole oat, vermiculite, perlite and Gypsum.

Retail advise
Perfect combination: Combine sterilised substrate boxes with the 10 ml or 25 ml liquid culture and let the costumer choose a syringe of a vial.


The mushroom sterilised substrate can be thought like soil for a plant. This sterilised substrate needs to be inoculated with our liquid cultures obtained from our spores.

2 Phases Activations

Phase 1 – Liquid Culture

Step 1

  • wash your hands and working area
  • clean injection site of the liquid culture and spore vial or syringe with alcohol swap

Step 2

  • inject 2 ml from the Mondo Spore Vial or Syringe in the Liquid Culture

Step 3

  • shake the inoculated liquid culture once a day every day for 10 days
  • store the liquid culture in a place with temperature between 23  °-27°C

Result: The liquid culture is ready when you see a cloud floating in the suspension. If the liquid is murky, it means there is a contamination and the liquid culture is unusable (If you don’t use it for 10 days, store the liquid culture in the refrigerator)

Phase 2 – Inoculation

Step 1

  • wash your hands and working area
  • clean injection site of the sterilized substrate and liquid culture

Step 2

  • Retract 10ml (1200 CC kit) or 25 ml (2100 CC) from the liquid culture
  • Inject suspension, through the injection site of the kit

Step 3

  • After inoculation turn and shake the box 360 degrees in all directions
  • store the kit in a dark place with temperature between 23  °-27°C

Result: After inoculation, you’ll see mycelium form. A white fungus will gradually fill the sterilized substrate. This can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature.

Product contains

  • Brandless box
  • Paperclip
  • Fruiting Bag with Filter
  • Alcohol swap
  • Injection port